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Alan Crook, Wingletang, Crowborough Hill, Crowborough 01892 655217
Gaia Natural Therapy Clinic, London Road, Forest Row 01342 822716
Paula Dowson LCHE, Homeopath

Clinics at:
Crowborough 01892 665125
Silver Grey Clinic, London Road, East Grinstead 01342 324375

E-mail: paula.dowson@btinternet.com
Gill Marshall RSHom MSECH, Registered Homeopath
Ashdown Natural Health Clinic
1 Hartfield Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5DN

I have a general homeopathic practice, with about half of my patients being children.
I offer consultations on weekdays and Saturdays.

Tel: 01342 822408 Website: www.gillmarshallhomeopathy.co.uk Email: gillmarshall@f2s.com

Hannah Waldbaum, Highgate End, Lewes Road, Forest Row 01342 823714